Randy Hadley

World Renowned Coach

Randy Hadley, world renowned performance coach and owner of RHFITPRO PERFORMANCE CENTER in Orlando, Florida, has been in the strength & conditioning industry for 15+ years. He has had the opportunity to work with athletes in multiple arenas from around the world at the highest level. Randy’s constant desire to study human movement led to the development of a system and understanding that transcends to athletes of all levels. continues to study, research and develop new and cutting-edge ways of training to give his athletes an advantage in overall health and well-being, as well as top level performances.

The RHFITPRO system brings you more than the average program and a step above the best. Consisting of an extensive evaluation, structured implementation, and an aggressive yet progressive adaptation, RHFITPRO is redefining the term "strength coach". We don’t believe in a one size fit all system like most programs. Every program is specifically tailored to the athlete’s needs.

Our programs revolves around education, development and progression, going far beyond the traditional standards of training and searching for the truth. Underneath a watchful eye on the court or on the field, application begins through skill translation.

RHFITPRO strives to build the perfect athlete: well disciplined, skillfully educated, mobile, dynamic and explosive. Join the RHFITPRO system: Where we train for more than just performance, we train for life!

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